Who We Are

“Kitaeka” means “We are One“.

It is not easy to think of a good name for a blog. We had wanted something that is reflective of who we are, our ideals and aspirations and yet simple enough to sound catchy. So we have fused a Malay word with a Sanskrit word to form the name of this photo & travel journal we are putting together.  

Yeo and I are planning to travel more next year onwards. We want to make it our special project to see,  feel and taste the cities, small towns and quint villages of the region which are flushed with Nusantara culture and history. 

We support the ideal of one people one nation and we believe that being Malaysians should trancend racial divides and make us all Anak Bangsa Malaysia in the truest sense.

Hope you would find the photos and entries informative and enjoyable!

Cheerio, Yeo & Meiyi

November 2009

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