B01 The one and only. A stark contrast of wide  paved road and the most primitive transport atop – Bicycle.

B02 Ingenious alternation. The rattan chair,  tied to the back wheel,  is surely for taking his grandchildren for a ride.

B03 I used to make fun of a friend in school who rides a old black “ahpek” bicycle. Hardly sight these days at home and it looks so classic, especially with a ring bell attached to the handle.

B04 The most elegant pose of a biker. One still need to keep her cool even with the simplest form of transportation.

B05 Seems like a long pause. The expression of each and every bikers makes a perfect picture: We are the same yet different. 


Short interval workout.  Fitness boosts is crucial for modern young yuppies.

B08The coolest bike & biker Award goes to….




Thursday, 5th November 2009


Across the sea


The Land of Bicycles


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